Remove trees and brush plus mulch the area afterwards

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Published on: April 3, 2022


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JOB with 24070.76 Squarefeet 78611 Burnet Texas



0 out of 5

Remove trees and brush plus mulch the area afterwards

Marker ANeighbours House
Marker BBuilding
Marker CPublic road


Residential & CommercialTrees and ShrubsTrees and Shrubs
What work do you need done to your trees and shrubs?Trim or remove Trees & Brush
What do you need trimmed or removed?Tree removal or tree felling
What is the density like?Lightly Forested Land - Trees & BrushLightly Forested Land - Trees & Brush
What type of Tree service is needed?Removal
How many trees are involved?6-15
What is the average stump diameter (inch)?up to 15 inches
What to do with the stumps?Grind down to ground level
What shall the service professionals do with the wood chips?Mix wood chips and biomass into top soil