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American Property Experts is a leader in the biomass recycling industry, turning vegetative debris into reusable entities such as mulches and topsoils.

American Property Experts is one of the largest vegetative debris recycling companies in North Carolina. Since 1996, A.P.E. has been a leader in the biomass recycling industry, and we continue to do so by meeting and exceeding all industry standards. We currently accept all vegetative debris, from wood & yard waste to commercial land clearing material. A.P.E. now has 2 conveniently located sites in Wilmington to better serve you. Our newest location is now open in North Wilmington and our original site is located in South Wilmington. In addition to recycling vegetative debris, we produce organic, recycled, colored mulches for the landscaping industry. We offer site work such as landing clearing, tub grinding and soil screening.