Why Mulching Matters: A Guide to Mulching

Land clearing and mulching services are becoming a more popular way to prepare land for commercial and residential construction or simply maintain the property for home owners. The benefits of forestry mulching make the older traditional methods obsolete and will expedite the entire process without reducing the quality of the land.

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Why is Mulching Necessary?

Forestry mulching offers fast and environmentally friendly land clearing without changing the landscape or harming the overall soil composition. Mulching services are necessary because it:

  • Controls Erosion: A problem that often arises when clearing land is erosion. The newly cleared area is now subject to the potential damage that can be caused by rain or wind. These elemental factors can damage and alter the terrain, making it unsafe. Mulching will prevent this as it covers the cleared landscape with its original vegetation, providing a buffer against the elements. 
  • Eliminates Unwanted Vegetation: Some mulching requires prep work. If the land you are working on has vegetation you do not wish to exist there anymore, you will want to remove it. Then, once the mulching process is complete, your land will be covered with remaining local plant waste, preventing whatever growth that was once there from returning.
  • Ensures High-Quality Soil: Covering the soil with local organic material will ensure that the soil is kept in the best condition possible. It will not be disturbed by the elements, nor will it need to be treated to ensure that it remains usable and healthy.
  • Conserves the Environment: When it comes to land clearing, environmentally friendly options are becoming more and more popular. Traditionally, land clearing companies would simply pull out whatever existed and take it to a local dump for them to dispose of however they saw fit. With mulching, plant life is disbursed locally and utilized for local environmental sustainability.
  • Requires Less Equipment and Time: If you are already planning on using land clearing services, mulching is the way to go. It comes with a lower land clearing cost per acre than traditional land clearing and is done much quicker. A forestry mulcher can clear up to 15 acres daily, making it the more efficient way to clear your land.
  • Requires less Permits: With there being less environmental impact, it reduces inspections, and other elements that will be more costly and time-consuming. You want your land clearing experience to go as simply as possible. Not all land clearing jobs require permits, but it’s important to hire a company that knows when a permit is needed so you can ensure you’re abiding by the law. While this process may be long and frustrating, the consequences if you don’t follow the proper guidelines could be worse. That said, make sure you have all the permits you need. Here are same regulations from Tyler, Texas on Pre-Development restrictions on land clearing and on when a Clearing and Grading Permit is Required

While mulching has many other benefits, such as creating a pleasant landscape, mulching services are invaluable for your commercial or residential properties. 

Image courtesy Property Works of Central Texas

What are the Benefits of Mulching?

Land clearing may be your primary goal when seeking out mulching services, but there are multiple benefits to choosing this option. These benefits include positive impacts on:

Commercial, Residential, and Public Land Clearing

Preparing land for your construction project is already an expensive and time-consuming process. Whether you are getting ready to build a new structure, are seeking to clear out your residential landscape, or improve a right-of-way clearing, mulching makes the entire process easier.

The land clearing cost per acre is reduced, your time is saved, and the property is well groomed. Mulching often leaves a park-like atmosphere behind so that it is visually appealing while also beneficial for your construction needs.

Ecological Benefits

One of the nasty downsides to construction is the massive carbon footprint. Fortunately, when utilizing mulching services, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. 100 percent of all organic material is left behind, and nothing is wasted.

This helps ensure greater sustainability and is incredibly environmentally friendly. Local wildlife can still enjoy and benefit from the eco-friendly land clearing methods. You can prep your construction project with a clean conscience, knowing that you did your best to reduce your carbon footprint.

skunk-vine (Paederia foetida) – Eastern U.S. – Chris Evans, University of Illinois, Bugwood.org

Invasive Species Control

One of the most challenging aspects of land clearing is ensuring that invasive species are eliminated. This includes invasive plant life as well as pests. When adequately prepped, mulching services can effectively eliminate and prevent invasive species from returning.

This process can be done by manually removing the invasive species and then chemically treating the area with environmentally friendly and humane products that prevent them from returning. This will keep your property safe from unwanted plants and wildlife.

Fire Prevention

While it might be California that is universally known for its wildfires, if your property is not well maintained, your location doesn’t matter. One spark can easily tear through your entire property.

Mulching will remove that possibility altogether by eliminating and reducing brush and other flammable materials. Your property will remain safe and secure with these potential fire hazards removed and maintained.

Pest Control

Ticks and other pests thrive in a weeded and brushy environment. These ticks and pests can get caught on your clothes and go with you, as well as damage any other plant life in the area. This creates an unwelcome problem that you may want to have removed as quickly as possible. On a greater scale threats to U.S. forests from exotic invasive plants, animals, and pathogens have increased the need for Forest Pest Control. And same principles apply to home owners, helping to decrease the use of chemicals or herbicides at your property by keeping the property clean and less inviting for ticks or other pests.

Consider Land and Forestry Mulching

If you are seeking out land clearing services and mulching companies, consider the benefits of forestry mulching. WeMulch.com can save you time and money while providing a usable and environmentally friendly area for your construction projects. They will help ensure that your carbon footprint remains as small as possible as well and ensure that your land clearing bill is also as small as possible. Because it matters!

Call a professional today to get a quote on your commercial or residential project. Mulcher services are quickly becoming the best and cheapest way to prepare your property for any construction project. Mulching professionals are ready to clear your property.