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PRO Showcase – Cedar Eaters™

Cedar Eaters™ and WEMULCH are a perfect match because they share similar values. Their partnership will be a win-win, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in vegetation management and land clearing services to end users and clients.

Pre-Construction: Preparing the Land for Your Structure

When purchasing a property that has never been built on, chances are that there is a lot of unwanted growth and other natural objects that need to be removed. This first step can be extremely time-consuming and challenging if not left to the professionals to finish. If you cannot do it on your own, seek professional assistance. 

The Importance of Professional Tree Removal and Land Clearing

Purchasing a new home or property can sometimes come with unwanted maintenance and work that you may not be prepared for. Large bushes, trees, and other growth can make it nearly impossible to make your home or property what you want it to be. That is why tree services and land clearing might be the way to go for you.

Mulching: Land Clearing for a Sustainable Future

WeMulch.com has dedicated their company to ensuring that end users are able to connect with land clearing professionals that put an emphasis on environmentally friendly methods. The goal is to ensure sustainability for your property and community through reusing the natural resources rather than removing and destroying them. Forestry mulching is the WeMulch.com choice for sustainable land clearing.

Land clearing is shifting to avoid impacts on and by climate change 

At WEMULCH we prefer the mulching approach that involves cutting down the brush, making it into mulch, and then scattering the mulch on the ground. By laying down mulch, we are creating a new bed of fresh nutrients that will enable native plants to sprout and flourish.

WEMULCH: A better way to find land clearing services

Every business thinks they’re unique, but we know we’re different. 

We’re a platform that connects end-users to land clearing and forestry professionals.  

We take your project, location, and budget into consideration to match you with PROs in your area who can complete your project.

We provide services in environmental management, farming and hunting, forestry, and residential and commercial areas. We recognize that every project is unique, and it’s our goal to quickly connect you with a pro that is right for your job.