PRO MAP – Maximum Work Radius

Based on client requests WEMULCH has implemented a new feature at the PRO map. Indicating the Maximum Work Radius of each PRO with a green circle. Just hover over the PRO marker and find out if your JOB would be in reach:

Once you post a JOB, all PROs will be immediately notified about a new job in their area. Through the dashboard each PRO may set most important JOB milestones with Maximum Work Radius, Minimum Job Size and Maximum Job Size:

Start now and visit our PRO Map:

If you would like to receive offers from multiple PROs in your area, just create a JOB at WEMULCH.COM free of charge and we’ll take care of your needs throughout the whole process. Run through the JOB creation within a few minutes to provide a transparent overview about your JOB.

How to post a JOB – User Guide

If you want to create a JOB start here: